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There are approximately 2.7 million miles of pipelines in the United States and, at least, half are estimated to be 50 years old or older...some as much as 100 years old. A combination of spills and failures of the pipe have revealed that a significant number resulted from corrosion, fatigue, failed weld joints and degenerative coatings. Risks to the public from hazardous liquids and highly-pressurized gas transmission pipelines result from the potential for release of these products being transported through aged pipelines. These can often impact surrounding populations, property and the environment (including wildlife) and may result in injuries to humans.

Examples of related research and career potentials at GVF Living Laboratory are linked to one or more of the following disciplines:

  • structural engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • metallurgical and materials science and engineering
  • computational control
  • computer science and engineering
  • artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning
  • nondestructive inspections (NDI)
  • application-specific sensors
  • soils engineering and analysis
  • environmental engineering
  • hydrology
  • hydro-morphological engineering
  • bio-chemical engineering
  • geo-hazards engineering
  • ecological sciences

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