Autonomous Systems Innovation Center (ASIC)

Together with Green Valley Farms Living Laboratory (GVF LL), and DII, LLC, a constellation of advanced technology companies, the ASIC serves to provide a synergistic sense of place for all things relating to the expansion of innovative industry sectors and entrepreneurial ventures.

There are three components to the ASIC. They include:

  • ASIC Research—R&D and Technology Commercialization
  • ASIC Knowledge—Education, Training & Certification
  • ASIC Capital—Multi-Tier Capital Facility

In August of 2014, TBIP officially kicked off the USIC with a day-long event before a capacity crowd. Featured speakers included then Representative and now Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, and Michael Toscano, the former executive director of the national unmanned systems advocacy organization, AUVSI. Governor Mary Fallin - who could not be present – opened the event with a video in support of this exciting expansion of one of Oklahoma's largest industry sectors. The video can be viewed by clicking on the link, below.


Just as Governor Mary Fallin endorsed the creation of the Unmanned Systems Innovation Center (USIC), once the rebranding of the USIC is complete, it is expected that the new Governor of Oklahoma will support the much more robust Autonomous Systems Innovation Center – the ASIC.


located in Cleveland & McClain Counties, Oklahoma

Autonomous Systems Innovation Center (ASIC)